my pixel art
[alireza@potatop ~]$ whoami
Alireza Alavi

[alireza@potatop ~]$ ls ~/my-interests
art  sports  computers  software  FOSS

[alireza@potatop ~]$ cat summary.txt
Hi guys!

I have always been a dreamer.

I try to do what I enjoy and usually I enjoy helping others and making our lives a bit easier.
I have figured that currently for me, The best way that I can achieve this is through computers and software; So I am making a living out of my hobby & passion.
But I think life can take us places that we would never have thought about, so my interests and focus might change in the future.

This is my personal website, Where you can get to know me better.
I will be sharing my works, my thoughts, and basically anything I want to show you in here :)

More About Me